I Guess

You could say I’m tired. You could say I’m drained. I feel really really happy to be alive though. I feel really weightless right now. I feel like I could fly away if you blew on my hard enough. Fly away and disappear.

When I sing, I’m taken to a different dimension. When I sing, I feel like angels flood my heart and pull at the strings.
When I sing, oh God! It’s like lightening bolt zap and zap and zap out of me and I’m hitting people, even when they dodge it, and I make them believers in whatever I’m saying in a song.
I can’t be beat. I’m the one to beat. Satan is angry that Jesus is winning, but I don’t care!
I guess I can floss like that when I know who has always got my back.

Can you tell that I was singing? Can you tell that I let everything out from within me? Can you tell I gave it all to HIM? Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! I was singing!

Carmen xoxo

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