Something Isn’t Right

I like him a lot. I am falling for him. His personality sucks me in like a sick child slowly taking in hot soup. I want it to go further. I want to see him everyday. I want to be around him and bask in his presence. I want to endure “us” til it crumbles like the walls of Jericho. I want to drown in his cologne and melt into his dark chocolate skin. There is no excuse for the reasons I love to look at him. I enjoy each word that dribbles, dribble drops off his tongue and falls right into that space in my mind that says “the one”, as he tingles each membrane, and every connection.

This brother is dope, fly, tickling my skies.

This brothers got it going on, but I’m not his priority. Nope. With all of what I’m feeling, I’m not nearly close. Yeah, he calls me babes, but I’m not really that girl. I’m just that chick. Yeah he sends a sweet text, but a text doesn’t tingle my brain cells and make me wet like the sound of his voice as he sings me to sleep. What a nightinggale. What a voice. And when he drop it drops it down low and I’m soaking in his barritone… or when he floats to a soprano and I’m lifted to cloud nine. Wow… I haven’t felt this in a while.

But something is missing.

Something is really missing.

Something isn’t right.

I thought he was the one?

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