Excerpt From Bruce Wayne’s Memoir

I have the privilege of presenting to you all an excerpt from Mr. Bruce Wayne’s memoir. I find that it boldly presents a perspective of a young man’s most memorable sexual experience, but I want to dig deeper. What is the author trying to convey? Why is he telling us about this past experience? Is he hurt? He clearly states that maybe his relation with T and what she taught him about separation of sex and feelings had an impact on him. Is it safe to say that even men eventually regret separating sex from love, because their emotions can never be tied to any woman once this happens? Is it safe to say from this piece, (and I’m speaking with an “in general”, tone) that an experience with a woman who does not mix business with pleasure can cause a man to develop a void that can never be filled. The narrator has a distinct nonchalant tone, creating a tough shell, but as a reader, we can easily see that he has been scarred, and that his experience with T had some impact on other relations with women thereafter. Please read and let me know how you like it! Judging from your responses, I’ll give you more bits and pieces, especially since Mr. Wayne is willing to publicize parts of his memoir. Hope you all get to thinking with my critique, and as always, subscribe and leave a feedback! I love all the responses!

The making of a man
I met T when I was 17.  I was having sex (not enough) but I hadn’t really come into my own as a man as yet. I did my first reference track for T’s brother, who was a producer.  He had a male group that he was trying to put out (they never came out and neither did my reference track).  I would go to T’s house after school. I lied to her and told I was in college because I had a college ID from KBCC (I later got my ID taken on the last day of my class for trying to rob and fight a student who had won some money in a game; shouldn’t have been flossing!)  In our initial session, T and I started making out.  Right before things really popped off, T asked me “…what is it that you want from me, a relationship or sex?”  Needless to say I chose sex, never realizing that I could have had both if I chose a relationship.
A few things about T.  T was older than me by about 5 years and already experienced relationships with older men.  She was from Miami.  she had finished high school at 16 and had a scholarship to the University of Miami when her world changed.  She lost her mom and Her world shifted.  She never went the UM and ended up moving to NYC to live with her aunt in South Ozone Park. T  introduced me to a sexual world that she knew because of her past relationships and experiences.  This would become my world and what she did to me and for me would become my expectancy for anyone else that followed.  She gave me my first REAL blowjob (phenomenal!) and showed me how to integrate oral sex into the whole flow of intercourse.  She taught the art of pleasuring a woman (a class that would later be continued in college by a MILF but that’s another chapter), searching her body and finding her spots.  She taught me the art of oral sex, an art that would be perfected following her instructions while i was licking her. 

Our sexcapades continued for the duration of my senior year of high school (I would later have bets with one of my friends on who had the most sex for the week.  I rarely lost that bet). She was the first woman to masturbate for me and loved doing it while she was pleasuring me orally. She introduced mutual masturbation sessions.  She allowed me to cum anywhere except inside her.  The first time she swallowed (which was the first time anyone ever did that to me), I felt like I had shot a scene right out of a porno.  Needless to say she holds the number 1 spot on my list to this day. T never got caught up in feelings for me (at least she never let on) and showed me how to separate sex from a relationship from her actions.  In retrospect, that may have been the bad part of it all.  I would later find myself being cold and calculating whenever I slept with someone:  make them want more without ever offering it to them.
 I realized that I had mastered what T taught me when we slept together for what would possibly be the last time.  I was leaving for college in few days so we decided to meet up before I left.  All those months of having sex (and if she was on her period she was service me orally) added up.  I went at her the best I knew how.  Midway through our session she started to shake, convulse, and then stopped, and started crying.  “What happened?” I asked.  “My boy has become a man…” was her answer.  She then told me that she not only came as she was used to doing after I got better sexually, but she had an orgasm.  “Now you know how to please a woman, there is nothing more that I can teach you.”  I left her house that day with a new swagger.  College would soon become my hunting ground and starting point to show the world what I learned…  


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