Got To Get It

On another seemingly endless train ride. I’m tired. I’m more tired mentally than physically. I do need a spa day though. I’m re-evaluating my life and those in it that are hindering me from reaching my true potential. Some, though, are showing me things about life that I could have never perceived on my own. I can be so aloof and disconnected at times, totally missing the point, as most of do.

Life’s lessons are meant to polish, not destroy, but we have to learn, or else we repeat, repeat, repeat…

Some people that smile and hug and say good job are posers, as my little naïve mind once thought impossible. I am trying to adjust to this concept, that their are “friends” that pretend to mean well, all the while, harboring very evil thoughts. Prayer helps because I know I’m far from perfect. Prayer helps because somehow, talking to God brings clarity.

I’m going to go catch up on my reading… Emily Dickinson “Selected Poems”.

Carmen xoxo

Open your eyes more and more each day…


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