Bacon Juice

I wish I could say I was eating turkey bacon or veggie bacon or chicken bacon if that existed, but it was bacon bacon, from the piggie, that squirted into my eye. My eye reflex wasn’t fast enough and it got smeared on my mascara. Now my eye will smell like pig juice all day long. At least the hashbrowns, baked to golden perfection made me happy.

I wish I could say I was drinking a decaf tea, but the strong scent of the coffee beans had its way with me and I got a medium cup of joe with cream and two sugars. I’m just a mess… but I think I’ll grab a fruit salad for lunch to make myself feel better.

He’s not what I thought he’d be. He’s not showing me attention, he’s not caring about me the way a guy that likes me would, and yet, he claims that he’s falling for me. I just want to get rid of him and find someone else to occupy my interest, but I still haven’t thrown him away yet. I guess I like Mr. New Guy, but today, I’m going to be Ms. Hard To Get. I haven’t answered any of his texts and I don’t plan to unless he calls. I am going to give him a bit of space to decide if he really wants to get to know me. I mean, we go from this awesome date, to crickets. No phone calls, apologies, and a void. I guess this is all apart of life. I guess I just need to enjoy my singlehood.

I’ll have a fruit salad and cut back on all this “pleasure”. It’s truly decadent, all this fat I’ve been consuming, but I’m not in the gym right now and a climb up the weight ladder is not an option right now.

Ta ta for now guys….

Carmen xoxo

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