No More Mr. New Guy

I don’t know guys. I just got off the phone a few minutes ago with Mr. New Guy and I’m just feeling weird inside. I thought that maybe it was me at first. Maybe I have a problem because I want the kind of attention that’s virtually impossible (but not entirely) for most men to give me? Maybe I have set the standard so high because my ex was a great boyfriend. I just expect a lot, and I also demand a lot, but it’s not happening the way I thought it would. I’m bored already.

Mr. New Guy and I had a nice chat earlier in the week. I told him that I needed a bit more attention from him, and the different ways I liked the forms of attention. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and accepted the fact that he wasn’t my ex, and he couldn’t read my mind, so I told him what I needed instead of getting mad at him for not doing what I felt he should know.

I like a text some time throughout the morning. I don’t care it’s at 11:59. If you’re up, I’d like a text. Now I understand that people have lives and jobs, but I would like to know that I am thought of at some point during the night. I’d appreciate a call, and if some prior obligation prohibits that, then I’d like a text. It’s simple. I don’t ask to see you every day and spend every weekend with you. I just ask for two simple things.

Well I expressed these things to Mr. New Guy and he still hasn’t caught on and guess what? Now I’m bored. What? It’s not my fault. I’m friggin’ trying over here and he can’t give me two simple things that, to me, sets a foundation for an awesome friendship.

I love to comminute with the man I love. I can sit and listen to the man I love all day long, if that’s what he wants. I can be giving (with my time) to a fault. I just ask for communication, respect and and a solid foundation of friendship.

I explained to Mr. New Guy that I get bored easily. What more can I do? I hope I’m not giving up too fast, but I just feel like the interest isn’t there on his end, and Lord knows I’m not trying to become a vulnerable woman that begs any guy to do anything. I’m not gonna force his ass to call. I’m not gonna force him to text me. I won’t beg him to take me out and I sure as hell am not going to be the one that creates scenarios for us to spend time together. I don’t beg, complain, nag, whine or plead.

Moving right along.

Carmen xoxo

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One thought on “No More Mr. New Guy

  1. vyijj says:

    if he aint getting the hint then i may be time to move on. im convinced that men now adays just dont take hints very well

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