Please Note: this entry was written for Valentine’s Day. Due to technical difficulty, the entry went in a few days later. Please don’t think I’m a nut that obsesses over this day. I’m just a nut that obsesses over everything. (That was a joke for all of you that missed it 🙂 … right over the head I’m sure).

Oh yea… so unless you’re giving me Godiva 50% or more dark chocolate, I don’t want 2 hear about Valentines Day. You can’t pick one day to show me love. I won’t allow it.

I guess everyone was into Valentines Day this year on Facebook. If you sent me a text, thanks, but can you not wait for one day to tell me you love me? I’m grateful for all the love, don’t get me wrong! I just want to be loved even when you can’t stand my guts… that’s real love, isn’t it? That’s not too much to ask. I won’t ruin the day for the lovers by talking about how the country capitalizes on this day to gain profit and feed on the insecurites of its citizens… 🙂 enjoy!

And here’s a nice poem…

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
If He Says He’s Busy tonight
The Side Chick Is YOU!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Carmen xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Vday

  1. vyijj says:

    are you okay?? it seems like even days after v-day, you are still concerned with this matter

    • Carmen XueLi says:

      Yes I’m fine actually! That was supposed to be put out for Valentines Day, and I had trouble posting it. I guess it would have been smart to actually let you all know that. Thanks for your concern! I’m great and hopefully, this won’t happen again! 🙂


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