All I Need

All I can do right at this very moment in time, is concentrate on my thoughts, and project them using this vessel, so that it is shot out into the cyber universe. Today was not my favourite day. I want a hug, a nice cold beer and someone that loves me to just sit and listen to me complain. I’m going to wind up taking this medicine for my fever, curl up under my covers and cry myself to sleep.

Everything feels like it’s falling apart. I rushed to go back to school, my ex and I don’t speak anymore, I have the flu, my job stinks, I have so much stress at church, I have no one but God to talk to and my Spiritual Mother (and she’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes i’d just like someone to allow me to cuss and it be ok). You all know wjat I’m talking about.

I started talking to someone new, but he isn’t the one. How do I know? Oh, you know.

Just pray for me y’all.

Xoxo Carmen

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