Valentine Shmalentine

Valentine’s Day… ahhh where do I start? I think it has now become a day that plagues on the insecurity of women today. It is highly emphasized on commercials, in department stores, and even in schools now. We are made to believe that if you don’t receive a gift or a “valentine” on that day, you are lonely, or something must be wrong with you. I believe in REAL, GENUINE LOVE. I think love should be celebrated everyday.

I think the empasis on being with someone, or having someone “love” you has played out so greatly on today’s youth, that it’s almost virtually impossible to get our minds to change. Even I start to feel a bit funny when the day comes along and, like the year before, I’m all alone. It’s funny because back in grade school I remember making little cards in class as an arts project, and giving it to a classmate. Usually the girls exchanged with the boys. I don’t know why we subject our children to such things and call it innocent. Maybe it is because we are brainwashed into believing that this holiday is indeed “special”.

Ok, so maybe I will never have a man, because I really don’t want chocolate on Valentine’s Day. You know when I would like chocolate? When I have my period, and my hormones are out of whack, and I hate people for about four to eight days. Yep! That’s when I want chocolate. Or roses! I would like roses, or flowers for that matter, on the kitchen table, and in the kitchen, and the entrance to my place, on a Friday, so that my weekend feels a bit brighter. That’s not a one day thing. Someone would have to make a constant, conserted effort to please me and adorn me with gifts. I, in turn, would make back rubs, massages, dinners, and certain required fullfillments a norm. It’s not just about one day.

I could never see myself celebrating the day. At first, I wondered if it was just me, but even when I had a chance to be someone’s Valentine, I didn’t push the issue. Maybe deep down, I knew that another bear on my bed would only harbor more memories if thing didn’t last; becoming a symbol of what was, or could have been.

My point? Show love everyday. Speak soft words every day. Be gentle every night. Do the unspoken expected’s all the time. That way, we, we will solidify our gratitude, and deep feelings.

Carnen xoxo

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