So Single

Well you all, I started talking to someone but it won’t be going anywhere. How do I know? Well um let me see… maybe it’s because I feel like an old fart whenever I speak to him. We’re the same age, and yet, he manages to make me feel forty years older.

Now don’t get me wrong… he’s awesome. He makes me laugh A LOT, and I have yet to meet anyone that seems to have ADHD but carry himself in such a manner that makes me talk to him for 3 hours straight and not want to hang up. He’s a great guy.

He’s a great guy… BUT! But what?

Well y’all, he didn’t know who Melissa Etheridge was! Gasp! I asked him if he knew any Luther songs, and he didn’t know who Luther was, until I said “Vandross honey”. Then I got the long “ooooohhhhhh! Yeah I’ve heard of him”. I felt lost. Then he has this thing where he texts weird to me. I’m reading his messages and praying for a thirteen year old to walk by so that she/he can decode his cave paintings or matrix symbols. I feel ancient.

He sounds hopeful. He said that we can teach each other. I’m still hoping I can give him a chance at friendship, despite the way he reminds me of my ex. I guess it’s time to let go and let life run it’s course, like indigestion. Good night guys.

Ps… maybe it’s me? You guys think it’s me?

Carmen xoxo

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