Miracle on 137th Street

Today I experienced a miracle. I experienced one last month, which helped propel today’s miracle to follow though, but it was unexpected. I am eternally grateful for God‘s blessings, as I attempt to make the best out of this miracle. Today’s blog is not one that boasts of my God, which I know you guys love, because people continue to read what I write. Please don’t ever think it isn’t appreciated.

I want to encourage you guys today. I was in such a dark place, constantly fighting the denigrate clouds that encompassed me, but I’m here today to tell you all that just in the midnight hour when you’re crying and you feel so alone, there is a light right around the corner, to free your soul. You don’t have to believe it, but it’s true.

I can’t lie. I was very discouraged and down before I started this blog. I wish I could even tell you all that I found solace in writing about the way I felt, and releasing it into cyberspace. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at all. Some days, I would write and then sign of and curl in fetal position, close my eyes, and plead with God to make things right. I’d wake up with a stuffy nose, and puffy eyes from crying the night before, and wondering if that day would be the day. The one thing I can honestly say is that I would never start each day the way I ended it. Every day was a new day, and I could utter the words I said the morning before. I could say “thank You Lord for waking me up this morning. Thank You for clothing me in my right mind and allowing me one more day to fullfill my purpose that You have destined for me to complete before my time here on Earth is no more”. Whether it was in the shower, or in my bed, on the train, or while I’m getting dressed, I would recite this line that God taught me. Everyday is a new day. Never start the day with the same feelings of anger or despair you fell asleep with. That day might be the day.

Well moreso than today being a miraculous day for me, I can honestly say that many of us are going through so much these days, but it doesn’t pay to take it out on yourself. Guilt and anger are some strong emotions that can weaken you and cause stress and frustration. It also makes us kinda snappy (smile). Well one thing I can share with you all is that we need to be patient with ourselves. We need to accept that Rome really was not built in a day, and that even God made the Earth and universe in 7 days. He could have made it in one, but I think God did this to show us what time really means.

Far often we want things now. Right now. We can be so selfish and greedy. We can be these mean and stingy little things that lose understanding on the concept of time. In one of my previous blogs, I spoke about how we tend to forget about the concept of time with regards to how quickly our lives can be shortened. Many people have adopted this slogan that basically says live your life to the fullest, engaging in acts that often cause death, or shorten their life span. We need to take time with ourselves and understand that we can’t always get what we want right away, if at all. Most of the things we want, we shouldn’t even have, or we don’t even need. The ideal of understanding time and life has only been flowing through my thoughts over the past few years. I have always respected my body, and myself, and maintained standards, but I’ve also always been an angry child, who grew into a lost adult. I had set up a barrier to protect me and shield me from hurt and dissappointment, but over the years, God has been setting me up to learn about life before my time is up.

We can’t possible think that the unpredictability of time and the fragility of life was destined for us. I think that with all that is going on, we are all being tested, to find God, see Him for who He truly is in our lives, and learn who He is. I think life is the test to see if we pass. The requirements, or bonus, is accepting the free blood bought gift of salvation. Then, how we handle our lifes trials and obstacles prove our character. We might either turn to darkness or live in the light. Either way, what you choose determines where you will spend your eternity.

I experienced a total miracle today. It has shown me that time is short, but God is real. It has shown me that I am called for more than what I accept to be. It is possible to be greater than who you want to be.

This blog today is meant to encourage all of us. Life is still good, regardless of the struggles. Every man is dealt a hand. Every man has a soul. Every person has a character and resources to determine who they will be. Will we stand the test of time and become great shining stars, with a crown of glory, or will we bow to the prince of darkness and suffer eternal damnation?

It’s our choice.

Love, peace and respect always

Carmen xoxo

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