Lifting Burdens

it’s easy to have anxiety when you’re constantly worrying about your future. It’s easy to stress about what ifs and what will be, especially in this day and age. People are losing jobs, miserable with the jobs they currently have, or searching for any form of employment. People are desperately trying to find ways to provide for their families, keeping up with rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and even putting food on the table. Some people find it hard to believe that their is a God. As human beings, we always seem to forget about His goodness when we fall on hard times. Instead of remembering all the times He has provided, we remember the times when things don’t go our way, and we even God. We stop believing in Him and His promises when we don’t know how we’re going to come up with the money. We forget His grace when we fail to remember that He is the same God that made the universe and everything in it, and that He is the same God that cared enough to make springs of water and fruits and a variety of food stuff that we would have provisions to eat. If He cared enough to do all this, why do we continue to doubt His love and trust in Him and have faith that everything will work out?

I can admit to you guys that I was having bad anxiety for the past year or so. I was so overwhelmed with thoughts that haunted me day and night. Will I ever finish things I’ve started? Will I ever accomplish my goals? Who will I be? Am I pleasing God in my daily life? Will I ever fall inlove, get married and have any babies of my own? As much as I hate to admit that last one, I do think about it daily. More than I would care to. I wondered if i’d get to travel to all the places I had dreamed of going to, like Vanuata, Pompeii, and the Great Wall of China. What will happen in my future? Am I destined to die young?

That is just the tip of the iceberg! I would worry about what my funeral would be like, how devastated I would be if my Mom died before me, and if my family and I would ever function normally. Great than all these things was my fear of the unknown, and if I would become a total failure,as my father and one brother predicts. I’ve got a lot to prove, right? Well after speaking to my guardian God Mother last night, and crying (something I need to do more), I can tell you.

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone ever!!!! I have a pact between my God and myself and that is what will be at the fore front of my life.

When those evil little discouraging thoughts crawl in, trying to take over my mind and change the course of my day, I whack them with the hard blow of prayer and positive thinking.

We may not know what our future holds, but if we know God and accept Him and His love, we will remember that He holds tomorrow and in that, we can find comfort in this moment. God said to come to Him if we have burdens and He will give us rest. He is a burden lifter. We bear problems, stress and anxiety needlessly, all because we don’t bother to say “hey Lord. I want to thank You for all you’re doing, because I know things could be worse. I’m asking you to take this problem I have into your hands and fix it for me, because I know I can’t handle anything without you.”

Word of advice… love your family members while you can. Speak a soft word and give a hug and a smile. We impact others more than we care to know.

I love you guys.

Carmen xoxo

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