What In The World?

While most of the world stayed up til 12AM to ring in the new year, I was getting the best sleep ever. Friday night’s always give me the best, most comfortable sleep ever. I feel at total piece. I fell asleep around 9. I know I know! I’m an old soul, what can I say. The funny thing is, even though the story got out, it was hushed quickly. What am I yapping about? None other than the bird and fish kill in Arkansas. while everyone and their mama, and their mama’s mama was say 5,4,3,2,1… thousands of black birds were falling from the sky, and thousands of fish died. Mysteriously.

Now an autopsy was done, and really, there has been no concrete conclusion as to why this happened right on the brink of midnight.

This story is more than eerie to me.

You can call it what you want, but I think it’s the sign’s of the times. When I’m waving my hands at my ears and saying “na-na-na-na told you so”, don’t be mad at me.

I think it’s time we start listening. Get right.

Carmen xoxo…

And I’m also speaking to myself as I speak to everyone else because guess what, I’m not free of sin and perfect.

Check out cnn.com or theintelhub.com and type in fish kill…

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