I have a couple of favourite
sayings. Wowowow is one of them. I don’t know where it came from, but then again, I’m always making up different words or phrases, and I don’t know where any of them come from, but I start saying them, and it catches on like wild fire, and soon enough, my friends are saying crazy things too. Sometimes it’s a little sad.

Well how would you use wowowow in a sentence? I’ll tell you! I thought you would never ask! Here’s a perfect example: David Hasselhoff’s show being cancelled after 2 episodes is wowowow. As a matter of fact, someone picking up a show about David Hasselhoff is wowowow. Ha! Watch your pronounciation though because you’re not saying wow three times. You’re saying wow and then ow ow, to suggest some type of pain almost. That’s the wowowow factor; so crazy that it almost inflicts pain. Nicki Minaj saying she has an evil little boy inside her is wowowow. Nicki Minaj’s injected backside is wowowow. Lil Kim’s come back album was wowowow because she went in on Nicki!! Raheem DeVaughn telling me I never bought an album is wowowow. You guys get it? Ok good! Wowowow away! Now, let’s get down to business!

I want to address a serious issue far too many women have. I just want to save some of us the journey on what I would like to call “the dead end road”. Let me explain.

So many of us women get the sirens, loud flashing lights, and the gut instinct, where your stomach drops (that’s the spirit, so can’t say God never tried to tell you something), but we still venture on. We think we can fix things, make things better, or (we all know this one) “change him”. Where we women got this, I don’t know. No one taught me, and I did it, so maybe it’s a woman’s natural nurturing instinct to want to make everything better and everyone happy. Iy iy iy caramba. Well that doesn’t work. Sorry. I’m the bubble burster. The red light district might even tell us to run because he’s married, separated, divorced, has kids, needy mother, problems with commitment, broke beyond belief and searching for a sponsor or a quick break, needy, or down right crazy, but we still walk forward. We ignore all the signs. When we’ve gotten too far, we cry, ask God why, or even get an attitude with the world. It was our fault, you know? No you didn’t deserve it, but God doesn’t deserve the blame either. It was your fault ladies. Take the blame, the lesson, and move forward, nevermore to ignore the signs that say run like hell/ the wind.

Take what you’ve read and apply.

Carmen xoxo

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