Down In The Dumps

Yeah yeah yeah… I know… here we go again.

He called me and told me I betrayed him. He said he is trying to forgive me because he wants to be with me, but he needs time.

Guess who started crying like a little baby? Meeeeeeeeeeeeee. I told him to let me go. He answered with how much he loves me.

I’m at a crossroad. I’m asking God to just give me the strength to move on because I can’t do it on my own. One of us has to move on.

Is it really supposed to take this long? Is there like a normal time frame that two people, who love each other but know they can’t be together, should have?

What’s the sense in changing my number again if I’m not strong enough? I’ll just call him when I miss his voice. And he will hurt so much if I do that aain and I don’t want to hurt him. I know I know… foolish heart.

What’s the sense in dating other people if I’m not strong enough? I’ll just hurt myself more, or someone else, once I realize that they’ll never be him.

Ugh. Sigh.

Well tonight I have to pull myself together because crying at work cannot be repeated!

Carmen xoxo

I can’t lie… I’m weak tonight and I wish someone would have told me that this is how it would feel to lose your first love…

I really miss him…


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