Tell You How I Really Feel?

What was meant to destroy me, only made me stronger, and what you thought could break me, only drew me closer to God. It’s funny how I gave you everything I had in me, but you thought to give me nothing. A phone call that was meant to drag to self- esteem into the shallow pits of doubt only confirmed my love for God more, because He always keeps me. He cradles me and whispers to my heart that everything will be alright. You thought that you could pull me down, you ignorant crab. You thought that you could make me miserable, and yet, I have the widest smile that genuinely starts from the joy in my soul. You can’t steal my happiness, nor will I allow you to make me hate you. I won’t allow you to take me to a dark place. I’m taking happiness with me everywhere I go.

You may have told me that you have someone new because you wanted to hurt me. You wanted to make me cry. You wanted me to ask you, but instead, I said that it was fine. I wasn’t lying. It is fine because the moment you told me that, I knew God had destined greater for me. I am going to fullfill my purpose and never dwell on the past and all that I had done.

Lesson learned and learned very well. You can’t bind me with the cuffs of misery. Your loss. All the best. 🙂 xoxo Carmen

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One thought on “Tell You How I Really Feel?

  1. Juju aka Jus says:

    Ooh Guuurl! *singing* Have I told You lately, that I love You? You are worth your weight in gold, and one day a very determined, intelligent *devestatingly handsom* man will find this treasure and cherish you the way you should be.

    P.S. I loooove “you ignorant crab”! ROTFL

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