Peace Sweet Peace

Hey guys! Goooooooooood Afternoooooooooon! I’m in a good mood today. It’s so funny because I have to tell you guys what’s going on. Let me dish.

So this morning, my ex calls. Lately he had been on some foolishness. He would get angry and then we wouldn’t speak for days, because I’d refuse to call, and then, he’d call and be all lovey dovey with me. Weird.

So anyway, he calls this morning and tells me he has really bad news. Now my heart sank a little because I knew what was coming, but once he said it, I was fine. He goes on to tell me that it’s really really bad. I told him to just tell me. I hate when people that whole “I have something to tell you and it’s really bad” thing. He starts telling me about how he talks to someone but they hang out sometimes, and that they talk about being more together, but they’re just talking. I had no clue why he wanted to share this information with me, seeing as we are not together anymore, but lately I guess he had been trying to hurt me. He would curse (which I absolutely do not stand for), yell, or say things to hurt me. I wasn’t shocked at all.

I told him that he didn’t surprise me because his entire disposition had changed. When someone goes from talking to you everyday, to ignoring your calls, and then texting you, something is up. The weird thing is, he told me that his entire family loves me and surely enough, his sister did text me recently, but why should I settle for less when I know I deserve the best? I’m not even moved. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Honestly guys, I don’t care. I don’t even feel tears. Right now, if anything, I should be angry, but I feel at total peace. Like seriously, I could laugh right now because this was the same person that wanted us to get a place together next year, and be with me again, yet he has someone else. Give a damn break! It’s funny. I wish them well as I move forward into the next stage of my new life. The devil tried to hurt me, but I’ve been praying for peace and understanding so I’m good. I understand that he was not the one for me, and that God is to be the head and not the tail in my life. I refuse to put  any man before him. I’m just glad I didn’t buy into his bull and all his stories and lies. I just feel victorious because deep in my heart at the end of the day, its his loss and I gain a new chance at a new future.

Xoxo Carmen

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