Nicki (Minaj- Ay- Twa) and Wasted Time

I taught myself how to finger knit, thanks to I never thought i’d be looking at people play with yarn across their fingers, but I made the coolest necklace, and I feel so proud of myself. It was an absolute waste of time but I’m wearing it now with a chambray tunic and it looks fabulous. I kept my fingers busy with yarn. Sad but somehow, cool.

I finished a scarf, and I’m on to the next. I hate knitting, but once people found out that I do it, it became a wave of “oh I just have to have a scarf from you”! The look on my face is all smiles, but inside, I’m like “back the hell up”. Honestly. I wish I could lie and say that money would enthuse me to knit, but I get nothing out of knitting. I don’t enjoy it. I found that singing while I knit helps to pass the time, but I really have no patience. I keep looking at where I am, and how much more I have to go. It drives me crazy!

I know this isn’t a transition at all, but I must have Attention Deficit Disorder. I’m going straight into Nicki Minaj. She’s really weird. I actually like her cooky style and her flow, but something is seriously wrong with her. She said in an MTV interview that she has a little boy named Roman (who takes his revenge by saying whatever he feels) inside of her, and that she can’t be herself. Once an artist starts speaking about people in their heads or inside them, I’m off their boat. I am not into the whole demon possessed thing. It’s a little awkward for me, and I really enjoy sleeping, and I don’t like having nightmares. I’m really not a fan of the whole Illuminati and devil worshipping thing. Just not my forté at all. So when an artist like Nicki Minaj comes around and says this little boy was born into her a months ago and he’s not leaving because we all put him there, I’m freaked out. I’m not trying to listen to her music because I’ve heard and seen what people like that do with/ in their music, and like I said, I’m not into that stuff.

Some people don’t believe in it, or that the Illuminati exists. Some people take things to the extreme to really frighten people. I stand here: I feel that it does exist, and that music is a powerful tool that can be used for good or evil, and depending on the type of outlet you are, you can channel it in different ways. I just feel that as a person that listens to all types of music, I would rather be able to choose what I want to be subjected to.

It’s just weird. That whole Illuminati, demon possessed, devil worshipping clan is too much for me, and I don’t want any part of it in the music I listen to. I wish that, as consumers and fans that help a lot of artists make the money they do by supporting them, we should have a choice and be given knowledge as to what we are listening to. Like a label next to the Explicit Content label that says DEMON POSSESSED. Just a suggestion. Don’t let me have to go find out through extensive research that what you are putting in the music is your own little sadistic twist.

I know I’m opening a can of worms, but I’ll close it… for now.

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One thought on “Nicki (Minaj- Ay- Twa) and Wasted Time

  1. Justine aka Juju aka Jus says:

    Yea…She’s not the first recording artist to claim someone or something controls her speech, actions, and or music *hint, hint: Sasha Fierce* I’m not a fan of hers *theirs* but the music is ALL OVER the mainstream…which sucks, because I miss listening to the radio. Anywho, I’d love to see pics of your finger-knit crafts.

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