Give Some To Gain Some

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It’s funny, because I wrote, what I thought, was the most amazing blog ever written, and just when I went to hit the save button, my phone reboots itself! Just great!

Oh well!

Like I said, I’m going to practice what I preach. I’m going to woosah and let it go. Release. Smile.

Well I really cannot imagine what i’d like to speak about now. In the “great masterpiece” of a blog, I was all over the place. I started on men and how I really prefer a man that can stimulate my mind as opposed to just being “finer than a ticket on a dashboard” wanted to stimulate my nubbie. Somehow, the word clitoris came up, and I was saying something about clitoral stimulation, and then, out of nowhere, the words labia, vagina and DRUMROLL PLEASE…… penis (imagine the creature from Tales from a Cryptkeeper saying the word penis- like a creepy snake- penis’… haaaa) followed closely behind, as if by common courtesy to support one another. I mean really, what’s a penis without a vagina and vice versa? A story about one lonely penis is boring, but bring in a vagina, and woaaaaaahhhhh!

Ok. I’m chilling out.

I get ahead of myself sometimes, and I guess now that I have this great outlet, you guys get just the tip of the iceberg in my mind. Maybe it was a good thing that that blog got deleted. It was funny as hell though, I’m not gonna lie! I was laughing at myself! It’s a jungle in this mind of mine, but remember what I said! Like planet fitness, this is a judgement free zone! We have free thoughts here, just as long as we don’t go too far. The reality of things is, we are so hush hush about vagina’s and penis’ that we take the beauty out of it all. Without them, none of us would be here so get over it! People would really sit there and read this and say “oh my God! She just mentioned private parts in her blog. I’m not reading this anymore! She’s disgusting!”

Well here’s the truth. If your Dad didn’t give some sperm up, you wouldn’t be here. Give some to gain some.

Okay! I finally have decided what I want to speak on this evening. Yesterday, I had a hell of a commute. Trains were going crazy in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. Sometimes, I wonder if the MTA doesn’t have this thing set up. I think it’s a conspiracy. I don’t understand what happened yesterday morning, but I felt bamboozled and lied to. The conductor told a bunch of stories to us about this rail being broken in Brooklyn, and how they suspended another train, and that our train became the train to pick up that trains service. Then he eventually told people to get off and use alternate routes (which I knew would have taken longer so I stayed my black ass in my seat) and so tons of people got off. I was contemplating too much, and anything that makes me contemplate that much can’t be good. I stuck around because I was already late, but after we got to the next stop, he told everyone that the service was restored to normal. I was thrilled I didn’t get off, but annoyed that I could have possibly gotten off, like the other people a stop ahead. I then eventually transferred to another train that had serious delays. Way to go MTA! Woo hoooooo!

Something is wrong with the MTA. I’m convinced. The service sucks, the trains stink, I’m always standing, germs are everywhere, they have the AC on in the Fall and Winter seasons, the poor (literally too) homeless people can’t get a break to sleep, and the service alterations are sickening. Sometimes, we the public commuters of New York City, should boycott the MTA. I wish I could. They know we need them, but what if we did it for one day? One week? Then a month? Wow. Then I’d like to see who’s really calling the shots, raisng fares that are ridiculous to begin with, and turning it into how much of a victim they are.

I can’t stand the MTA, preying on helpless commuters like us.

Well guys, I’m glad I could share that with you. Make sense out of what you can.

Xoxo Carmen

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