What Grinds My Gears Today

Let’s see… what’s on my mind today? Let’s talk about biters. Are we all familiar with the term? Well for those of you who aren’t familiar, I will define the term the best way I can.

Biter- someone that likes to mimic the lives, style or hobbies of others i.e. the crazy girl on a lifetime movie that stole her roommates entire life (psycho biter as I call them) aka copycats.

Now I usually am flattered when I get a compliment and someone bites something that I may have, like when you go shopping with a friend and you both get the same bag, but in different colors, but Lord knows! When everything is being bitten, it’s time to start wondering if you’ve got a psycho biter on your hand. I find it so annoying when people want to get multiple things that you get. I’m not talking about the whole “let’s get the same top in different colors” thing. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the whole “oh wow! You do photography? I’m going to start doing photography too!” I’m talking about “let’s get the bag. The same exact handbag”. I’m talking about “you like that? I’m going to get it too”. That is so annoying.

It reminds me of elemantary school. A friend of mine had her Mom buy a lunchbox for her. I loved the lunchbox and so, I encouraged my Mom to buy me the same one, but with an exception. Instead of getting purple, I chose blue. The next day, when I brought my blue lunchbox in, my friend was pissed. She ranted and raved about how out of all the lunchboxes I could have gotten, I had to get the exact same one. She called me copycat for weeks. I felt pretty bad. Why couldn’t I have been original? After that day, I think my young 9 or 10 year old mind made itself up. I wanted to try to be as original as possible. Now, I couldn’t imagine being anything but original. I could never try to cop someones entire style, life, or their hobbies. Not a celebrity, or an ordinary person from off the streets. Even if I admire the way someone carries themself, I would still wonder how I could put my twist and my flavor on it. Even if I admire a hobby that someone has, like photography, bloging or painting, I would find it difficult to blatantly want to bite their style. Nobody wants to find anything new to do anymore. Everyone wants to be like someone else. That’s annoying. It just grinds my gears when people do that, especially to meeeeeeee! Be original! Argh!

There is a thin line between admiration and obsession. That’s what scares me. If I have to start wondering, then we’ve got ourselves a problem.

Okay! I’m glad I got that out!

Just be you… there is only one you.

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