Yesterday I was trippin’. I was questioning myself and wondering if I made the right decision to move on. Then I remembered the cons list I created. That’s right. Whenever I have difficulty making a decision, I make a pros and cons list. It came out even. What the heck does that mean? Well, I’ll tell you.

Whenever things are not working out and you do a pros and cons list and it comes out even, that means to leave things in God’s hands.

I’m not a crying person. I’m very emotional and sensitive, but I really don’t like people seeing that side if me. I keep things bottled in and when I’m exploding, I’m a mess. Well I’m learning to just cry whenever I need to. I know, I know. This may just have people thinking I have absolutley lost my mind, but guess what? It’s not about them. I need to get over this, and I need to allow myself to heal. Holding in the way I feel will only make things worse. Have you ever read Freud’s theory on repression? Scary stuff guys. I don’t want to walk around needing an excorsism just because I didn’t ever cry about my ex being a ball of confusion, leaving me with a ball of chaos in my heart. No bueno.

This is a perfect transition into what I would love to really speak on.

Parents really need to realize the power they hold when they are rearing their children. Everything a parent does will mold their children. Of course, when the child reaches a certain age, they are going to do whatever they want, but the things that impact them will stay with them all of their lives.

I reflect, often times, on the baggage that so many of my friends, or people I have spoken to carry. in almost all the cases, these people dig into their childhood. Once they start to speak on it, I find that they all have a common thread. They are all linked by something that either happened, or didn’t happen, that has carried on throughout their lives. Feelings of abandonment, lack of trust, and not feeling as if they were prepared for the real world are just a few of the topics.

I, myself, find that I wish I had been taught about the real world, and how to handle situations that may arise better. For the most part, I have been sheltered more than I wished. Now don’t get me wrong! Being sheltered is not always bad, because I definitely credit my parents for keeping me out of a lot of problems that many other young people have found themselves in. I just wish I was taught how to discern people and situations a bit better. I tend to take people at face value, and when they show me a different side, I am mad at myself for not being able to see it before. Some people have told me that they wish they were set up for success better, or that their parents were more supportive of them and positively reinforced a talent they may have had when they were younger. Some people have told me that it was actually the negative remarks or complaints from their parents, that caused them to become negative later on in life, and that they could have done without that trait.

Parents that are active in their children’s lives, ought to take their jobs seriously. They ought to see how precious and impressional their kids are and propel them to be great young people. If you love your kids, you will break the cycle, and end it with you. If there were things that you learned when you were younger that NEVER helped you, why should you then pass it on to your little one.

Begin uplifting, encouraging and giving extra doses of love to your kids because they are the future.


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