Letting Go

I always stumble upon something, seemingly by chance, but it is never a coincidence. I rarely watch television, but for some reason yesterday (GOD’S reason), I caught a bit of the Oprah show. She speaks a lot with her hands, and at one point, my eyes caught this obnoxiously gargantuan ring on her ring finger. I had to know, was Oprah still engaged? You guys know I’m ALWAYS late, right?

I was under the assumption that she and Stedman were no longer together. I don’t know where I got that from, so rather than assume, I decided to Wiki Oprah. I’m still not even sure what’s going on with that, but what I learned really impacted me.

You see, when Oprah was younger, she apparently, according to Wiki, fell inlove with what would have been her husband. You guys can Wiki this if you’d like, but I just want to give you a quick synopsis, so I can get straight to the point. the two were madly inlove. The site claims that Oprah said she would always have a deep love for this man, so we know what kind of love that is. That’s “the one” love, where you would do anything, go anywhere, just to be with “the one” you love. That’s the love that even if he/she AIN’T NO GOOD, you still stick around, because you in loooooooooove!

Well here’s the heavy hitter. He told her that he saw greatness in her, and that he would only hold her down and hold her back (and these are not the exact words of course, but it was along these lines). Well he let her go, a selfless act, because he saw her potential. He was man enough to admit to himself that she was destined for higher heights, and he knew he could not give her all that she may need on her upward journey (and I’m just filling in the blanks). She wanted him to move with her and he refused. She eventually went back into the dating world, and dated the critic, Ebert. She credits him for actually helping her to give her the idea to syndicate her show. That move helped propel her and put her in the place she is today.

Now here’s my point. I’m sure it hurt her like hell to see that this man was willing to let her go. I know I would have been mad as all hell! Like “whaaaaaaat?! You don’t want me no mo!? You’re calling off this wedding, and the damn engagement? You ain’t real! This is a joke right?” I can only imagine what she thought, and I can feel what she might have felt. Ladies, can you agree? The LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? Do you hear me? THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!? Wow, but guess what? That wasn’t God’s plan. She was destined to be the first female African-American billionaire. That was her souls destiny.

After reading this excerpt from Wikipedia.org, I had to get it. I hope this was in fact, the truth, but if not, shame on you Wiki for giving up false information! (Wags index finger).

You see, I had been feeling a bit weird about everything going on in my life. Right now, I’m not even really sure what’s going on, and I’m just trying to gather and keep things together until I can find a flashlight and clean my back yard up, figuratively. I thought that when a man tells you (after years of “loving” you) he wants to be friends, or he just stops communicating with you, or tells you to stop contacting him, that he’s crazy. Any relationship that is built on a good foundation can be worked out. I had a great foundation, but now I see that letting go, or even being let go is not the end of the world. It’s a blessing! A blessing in diguise that is meant to bring you to higher heights.

I’m a positive person, and I strongly feel that all things happen for a reason. I feel that all things unfolding into into beauty. I don’t like to believe that bad things happen for a reason too, but somehow, the way of the world, the universe, and God would have it that everything works for the better in the end. I know. How can death be good? How can pain and suffering help anyone? I am grateful for my suffering, because it has not created me, but it has shown me who I am, and how I can improve and even help others. I own my life and circumstances and I thank God for them. I am greater, and a success just by maneovering my way through my life’s journey.

We need to let go when things are over. We need to let some people be apart of their season, and stay there. When the snow melts and the stems begin to bud, we need to learn to say goodbye to the winter days. Only a few people are meant to remain there, passing through you journey with you, as they pass through their’s. I am learning to accept this. Embrace the seasons and the reasons for these people being sent for whatever it may be. Take the lesson and learn. Step out on faith and know that you are destined for greater.

I love you all.

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