World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day, and in keeping with the day, I just felt it necessary to put out a blog. I received a beautiful email from my friend this morning. I won’t disclose what the email said, but it was just a beautiful reminder that we ought to be humble and sympathize with those suffering from the epidemic.

It still seems to have this taboo attachment to it. Some people feel that it’s a disease that is for specific groups, and that is so disturbing! AIDS does not just affect one particular group. It affects us all. It’s not just a problem for one group of people. It’s so aggravating to hear people speak so ignorantly about it. If you aren’t informed, go read up on it, but don’t put out your negative views to further taint the foolish notion that is already out there. Yes, it does mainly affect the Black/ African-American race, and the homosexual/gay/lesbian group, but it doesn’t belong to them. People should speak about it more, but we don’t until we hear that someone we know has contracted it. People speak about abstaining, but the sad thing is, a lot of people, especially young people, do not view oral sex as sex. A lot of people believe that the only way they can contract this disease is by sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) or sharing needles with a person that has the disease. I think that hiding it, or not speaking about it only makes it worse. I wish my church would talk about it. They want to pretend as if all the young people are innocent angels, that don’t even know what the word sex means. We need to wake up and realize we are living in the real world. More young people need to not only be taught and informed, but become more aware. In an age where technology and information flows abundantly, there is no real excuse. There are so many diseases out there, and I have noticed that many people live in this bubble. I myself am guilty of this too. I’m far from perfect, but if we remove the veil from our eyes, we can better protect ourselves and those around us.

Just because we stick our heads in the ground, like an ostrich, doesn’t mean the world isn’t still going on without us. Even if we hide behind a rock, or in a cave, things are still happening. Get informed, stay informed, and even if you don’t feel like stepping outside of your own world, if you have the web, you have no excuse.

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