WWCD- What Would Carmen Do?

In each situation I come across, I don’t think I have ever had a clear and level head. Even pertaining to my crushes and all the men I have ever fallen in love with, whether they know or not, I have never once really asked myself if they were the one for me. I’ve seen the grass glittering, shining so brightly in an almost irridecent green. I know I know. Why? Maybe I lack smart luster in the brain when it comes to love/ lust/ infatuation. With love, I never know what to do.

Some of the guys I’ve liked were not the ones for me. In fact, most of them have not even known, and for the ones that did, they didn’t feel the same. As I got older, and grew into my confidence, and my own skin, I started to attract more guys, but none of them were the one. When my ex came along, I was already at breaking point. I had given up on being happy. Why I had associated love with happiness, in all my years of studying psychology, I have no idea. Wait a minute… yes I do. Love is so important to us. The story lines for the most evil villian begins with the plot of how no one loved him/her, so they spent the rest of their days inflicting pain on others, because they were hurt. I want to love and be loved mutually! Is that too much to ask?


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