Rug Rats

Maybe I am not good with people? Maybe I shouldn’t have children? I think my kids would hate me. I would probably be the worst mother ever?

I am short, figuratively. I’m referring to my temper in this context. I find that simple actions by simple people usually result with me simply being annoyed. Since I started trying to control my anger, I no longer have an outlet to really express myself in the way I need to. That’s when I blow up on the wrong person, or isolate myself from the world. I am using this as a way to say all the things I can’t normally scream aloud.

Children that are allowed to roam free annoy me. If you are in the bank, waiting in line, and you have a little monster that wants to tear the facility to pieces, and you cannot contain, control, restrain that animal, please leave it at home. Better still, send it away to relatives during the holiday months. Okay. I know that was harsh, but do you know what’s really harsh? When your precious little one has just stepped on the feet of 10 or more people also waiting on line for banking services, or when he is hollering at the top of his lungs, screaming at a decibal level that we’ll label as x for unknown. How about your sweet little girl that has torn deposit slips up, dumping them on the floor? Hmmmm! I’ve got one! The wild rug rat that decided to pull down the division bars that help keep an orderly line; what about him? CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN!

Now that that’s established (smile), I want to encourage you parents that have given up. I know sometimes they start throwing a fit right in the middle of the cereal or snack aisle, and it just feels like a broken record. I know you vow every time not to bring him with you on errands, but you want to spend the time with him, and you wouldn’t even know who you could leave her with, that would be able to handle her without spanking her. I know. I understand. This is the thing with that though: they have to learn and you cannot continue to neglect disciplining them because it will only get worse. Now I’m not saying do anything drastic. I would shake them up though. You don’t need to spank a kid to get them to see you’re not playing. Trust me. You also don’t want them to be scared of you, but respect is a must. You know what to do. It’s deep inside of you. You don’t even have to yell. You can lower your tone so that it’s deep, speak slowly, and look them in the eye. Let them know that they will be punished, and if they say they don’t care, follow through. Don’t slack up. That’s the worse thing you can do. Slacking up is for slackers and losers. Take the toy away, don’t give that extra cookie or reward. Eventually, they will get the point. Oh yeah! And make bed time earlier. They will not hate you! Not forever, at least. And you are not a bad mother! Disciplining your kids does not make you a bad mother! Just never ever withold food. That’s just low. C’mon… it’s a kid for crying out loud! Witholding food is barbaric.

I just think about when I was growing up… I could never get away with what I see half these parents letting their kids do. It makes me want to spank your kid for you. Trust me, those evil eyes that you are getting from people seeing your kid throw a fit is because we want to tell your kid off, and while you’re trying to play it off, and your kid gets louder, runs faster, and throws more pens across the room, we want to tell you off too. Avoiding it solves nothing.

Maybe I will be a great momma. I know that discipline starts early. Some things are cute up until a certain age. After that, that stuff needs to get nipped in the bud, ASAP. I know it’s easier said than done, but remember how much you loved your mommy, or that mother figure you had in your life. If you didn’t have one, rememeber the woman you wished was your mom. Would you have disrespected her or yelled or thrown horrible fits? If you did, shame on you (wags index finger)!! I’ve seen kids tell their parents they hate them in public! I said that to my mom once, and she cried. She said I hurt her so bad, and I vowed at age 12, never to disrespect my mom again. She is too precious.

All of you mom’s have a tough job. I admire you all so much! Don’t let your little one’s grow up disrespecting you! They will disrespect others when they grow older. They may mess with the wrong person! Someone like me, who will put them in their place for you. Remember, I say all of this in love! ❤

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