On The Precipice

So many things run through my head. Why are human beings so selfish and thoughtless? Why does it have to take a situation dropping in our backyards for us to care? Why is it that we no longer have a heart for people who are suffering? How do we turn a deaf ear on a crying child, or pretend not to see the man who has no voice? There are things we see each and every day, but we choose to turn a blind eye to these souls that are hurting. Sometimes, all it takes is to have an opinion. Some people may frown when they see a homeless person on a bus or in a train station or coffee shop. Some may not want to give that homeless woman any money, because they fear she will take it and buy drugs or alcohol. That is a reasonable fear. Why give your hard-earned dime to someone who may waste it? To that, I say, why not give that homeless person your bottled water? You know, the one that’s in your briefcase. Why not give that homeless man your sandwich? Remember your wife made it for you this morning so you wouldn’t have to buy lunch?

I’m not saying go out there and try to save the world. No! Not at all. One woman or man cannot save an entire world on their own, but what if you take a stand somewhere? There must be something that you have always to do? Maybe you have wanted to volunteer your services by joining a Not For Profit organization, or getting into a peaceful protest for a cause you believe in that would help to benefit people who are oppressed or struggling. It can even be as simple as helping a stranger by holding a door. Do something nice for someone, but get out there and get active in this world. Living day-to-day in the routine of getting all you can for self is mundane and draining. Try something different and put a smile on someone’s face. Who knows? You may wind up smiling back.

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