It had finally dawned on me that I have far too much going on in my head and if some of it did not come out, sooner than later, I would have an episode. What kind of episode I would have, I cannot say, because I’m really not sure. All I know is that it would not be pretty. I had thought about blogging for a long time. Putting my thoughts and innermost feelings out there on the web. The notion was a a bit scary. I mean, “everyone that has access to the web can read my thoughts”, I would think. Then, I must say, God spoke to someone, who in turn, spoke to me. A good friend of mine acknowledged how much she enjoyed reading my Facebook status updates. ” I look forward to seeing what you have to say everyday”, she said with a smirk. Then she went on to tell me about a phone conversation she had with our mutual friends’ Mother, who also enjoyed my status’. Then she said it! “Why don’t you just create a blog? “Oh Lucy”, I said, “I’ve thought about it”. That’s when she responded in a very assertive tone, “well, you should!”

That was all I really needed to hear. The underlying tone in her voice was not hers. I knew from the beginning that once she said it, it was time, hence, the reason you are reading this now.

I don’t really believe in coincidence. Get upset if you want and close this page off, but I feel that every gift is from God, and that things happen according to His will. I am not perfect, though I strive for perfection. I am not claiming to be completely filled with the Holy Spirit, and the best Christian ever that is holier than Thou. I am a simple person, but I am the only one like me. I think that because I am me, and there is no one else like me, my words are important. The fear that I had of everyone hearing this voice was a bit ironic, because it was inevitable. The voice you hear when you read this is special, just as you are special too, and it’s worthy of being heard. Whether you like this voice or not is a different story. You may grow to like it. You may grow to want to never hear this voice again. The wonderful thing about this is that once you’ve read this, you have heard my voice, and because of the power of words, I will never be invisible.

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